I asked Baijie what happened. Baijie pointed to Fubao and said, "he has a cold, but he refuses to go to the hanging needle."! What am I trying to do? I'll send him to the orphanage tomorrow. Fubao's body was in tears. I sat next to him and said, "tell elder sister, why don't you give me an injection?"? Fubao said: sister has no money! Bai Jie said: you don't care if you have money or not. Please don't let me fuck snacks. This is as like as two peas. I took out the prepared 2000 yuan from my pocket and handed it to Bai Jie, who refused to accept it. I said: it's not for you, but for my family's farmland. I'm so good to Fubao, and I hope there will be someone like you and I are so good to farmland! When spring comes, Tian Tian has been lost for 10 months. I regard Baijie and Fubao as my family members, and they also regard me as their dependence. I firmly believe that my brother, Tian Tian, is being taken care of by a kind person somewhere, and then wait for me to find him. I didn't find the field. Fubao found his parents. Bai Jie's story was discovered by a reporter of the TV station. He made a film and broadcast it. Soon, Fubao's parents came. On the day when Fubao was taken back, Bai Jie and I cried. Fubao turns around step by step and calls for her sister.